ASODEVD non benefit association has been created since April 2011 thanks to ten Congolese citizens who shared their ideas on the children and women’s future in the after war conflict period in the eastern part of Drc, being sure of their will of supporting women ,children and all categories of vulnerable people, founders of ASODVD association gathered together for discussing about methods for helping people for durable development thanks to the association ASODVD with the motto: “ all for durable development, health, children and woman’s dignity and the most vulnerable people”


See the people of the DRC one day, live in peace, cohesion and economic growth.


This non benefit association targets to contribute to the improvement of life’s conditions of communities supported by the association through their organisations in different aspects: social and economical way, healthy way, educational way, cultural way and through the promotion of their rights so that they can depend by themselves.