1. Support vulnerable communities through self-promotion projects related to health, education, agro-pastoral, peace, protection of human rights and children includes living persons with disabilities.

2. Support the capacity building of civil society organizations and public institutions; for the promotion of gender equality, democracy, accountability and respect for human rights.

3. Establish continuing training centers (trades and literacy) in various fields and support existing development and peace-building initiatives;

4. Help youth prepare for the future, cultivate peace, participatory democracy and the fight against corruption.

5. Accompany the victims of sexual and gender-based violence, and other vulnerable for their socio-economic, health and educational empowerment.

6. Collaborate with any legal or natural person aiming for the same objectives;

7. Initiate environmental protection projects and scientific research.


In the educational Field
1. Paying school fees for vulnerable children and orphans.
2. Training and capacity reinforcement of primary school’s teachers chosen by ASODVD association.
3. Rehabilitation of schools destroyed by the war and which are partners of ASODVD.
Seminars, conferences and sensitizing meetings and forum on following subjects:

• Children’s right respect in educational and family areas.
• Fight against HIV and other sexual transmitted deaseses
• Fihting against sexual violences based on gender issues done to children and women in school areas.
• healthy lifestyle and environmental protection.

In the health field
1. Sensitization on water, healthy lifestyle and environmental protection in public areas (markets, schools, hospitals, military camps, refugees camps, harbour…) and in communities which risk to be contaminated by water illnesses.
2. Support to health institutions (training to health personnel, rehabilitation and equipment of health institutions ….)