Situation in D.R. Congo

Kalehe, an area located 50 km north of the city of Bukavu in South Kivu.Indeed, the repeated wars as well as the military operations and the attacks against the rebel militias which knew the DR Congo in general and the east of the country in particular, caused a major deterioration of the living conditions of the populations. Moreover, issues of identity, issues of bad governance, struggles for political positioning, etc. resulted in three civil wars and the emergence of uncontrolled armed groups. These have resulted in loss of life, displacement of the population, massive destruction of social infrastructure, human rights violations, rape and sexual violence, looting of agro pastoral goods and products, etc.

Seeing the threats and conflicts that remained in the communities; ASODEVD was created to provide community-based rehabilitation and peace-building support to the various populations in its intervention area, DR Congo.Backed by its very limited resources, ASODEVD began by focusing its efforts on contributing to the restoration of peace in Kalehe, where it has already established peacemakers as promoters of peace in their communities.

Changes are observable through youth groups (peace builders) who form each other to forge peace in a community broken by hatred, conflict and despair.
These peace activities are directly linked to the initiatives of the organization in its interventions namely:

1. Education, human rights and protection: Sexual and gender-based violence, conflict management and resolution, democracy and elections, youth, children, senior citizens and living with disabilities.

2. Health: maternal and child, HIV / AIDS, women victims of rape and sexual violence, primary health care, water, hygiene and sanitation, socio-sanitary and educational infrastructure.

3. Food security: agricultural and livestock production, development of agricultural value chains, land governance, agricultural access road and development of agricultural roads.

4. Environment and sustainable management of natural resources.

5. Economy: microcredit, women’s economic empowerment, trades and income-generating activities.